Crook Walking Canes

We stock a large range of crook handled walking sticks all available for next working day UK delivery. From rams horn handled sticks to traditional chestnut and practical, folding crook sticks to beautiful designer sticks, there is something for everybody.

All of these sticks can be shortened to any height required including the lucite and the carbon fibre canes. If you are looking for something a little taller then try the selection on our extra long page.

The appeal of a crook handled walking stick

The traditional shape of these walking sticks, still makes them some of our best-selling sticks. Easy to hook over your arm, a door handle or whatever, they are practical, simple and strong (especially the ones made from a single piece of formed wood).

How the crook handled walking stick is made

The crook shape is acheived by heating the wood and then bending it around a jig and plunging it into cold water to keep the formed shape.

These are everyday walking sticks for men and women.

Ash Wood Walking Sticks

If you are looking for a specifically ash wood walking stick, please see the following page to see the entire collection of Ash Wood Walking Sticks