Crystal Studded Canes

The dress walking sticks on this page have crystals embellished on the handle, shaft or both. They look fantastic, so if you are looking for a special walking stick to use for an evening out, then a stick from this page will fit the bill.

Add a touch of sparkle to your walking stick with Swarovski crystal elements. Each cut glass crystal has 21 facets, with each one bouncing off lights and colour wherever you go.

All of the sticks we supply can be "blinged up" with cut glass crystals. You can have the entire stick shaft covered in crystals, a pattern applied or personalise it with some initials.

All bespoke requests are individually priced and a lead time of at least 3 weeks applies. Please email us with your request.

Walking Sticks with Swarovski Crystals

Whether it's just a few Swarovski crystal on the collar, handle or shaft or the whole walking stick covered in crystals, these sticks really look the part. Lights reflect off each of the 21 sides of each crystal, making them sparkle and look fantastic.

Bespoke walking stick orders

We can add crystals on to any walking stick you want, please contact us to find out more..

A walking stick to look after..

Care must be taken not to drop these walking sticks so the crystals are not chipped off. Click on the following link to see all of the walking sticks we recommend for weddings: Walking sticks for weddings