Handmade Walking Sticks

The sticks on this page have been made locally from local materials and have been constructed to last at least a lifetime but probably considerably more. Ample time and love has been poured into the fabrication of each fabulous walking stick and this will be evident when you hold it in your hands.

The stick maker coppices and dries each stick for two to three years, then hand carves or turns the handles. The shanks are steam straightened and then completed so that the character and colour shines from the wood. Each part is bonded together with steel rods and finally finished with a brass ferrule and (sometimes) a collar.

We offer a bespoke service too to have your own design of walking stick made for you. Please contact us with your request.

The sticks on this page are all one-of-a-kind and individually photographed. Our range of hand crafted walking sticks changes all of the time, so please bookmark us so you don't miss out.

Handmade Walking Sticks

How about a totally unique handmade walking stick? Our walking stick makers in Cambridgeshire make some beautiful sticks all from British materials with high originality and creativity.

Stick making is an amazing and LONG process. From initial coppicing of the wood, drying out, steam straightening to the carving, making and final finishing with all the extra details.

After harvesting, the sticks are left to dry out for two years and then any bends are straightened out.

The naturally cast deer antlers and buffalo horns are worked by hand to fit the shafts seamlessly and to finish, each stick has two coats of polish.

Brass or silver plated collars are used to finish off the sticks or a piece of bone or buffalo horn as a spacer so that the handle fits nicely on to the shaft.

Made to Order One-of-a-Kind Walking Sticks

We also offer a bespoke service whereby you choose the wood (Hazel, Ash, Blackthorn, Birch, Applewood, Holly or Chestnut), the handle type (Buffalo Horn, Rosewood, Deer Antler, Ram's Horn or Shepherd's Crook) and the height you want the stick to be.

The service (including the finished walking stick) is priced per order but generally somewhere between 70 and 180 GBP pounds, depending on the stick you want made and delivery to UK addresses is usually 14-28 days.

Please email us info@emilyhannah.co.uk or call us on 01353 968774 for more information and a quote.

If you are local to Cambridge, then we can deliver your order to you for free Call or email us today.

A comment from a made to order customer who ordered a hand carved walking stick with her dog's head as the topper..

"Hi Emily, did email you immediately from my phone and just discovered it had not sent. Thank you for black Humphrey he looks wonderful. Kind Regards Vanessa Stephens"

Another customer comment,

"Hi Emily, Just wanted to advise that the walking stick arrived to Australia today. James asked me to advise you that the walking stick is perfect and almost seems like it was made for him. He is delighted. Huge thanks. Kind regards, Sonja"