Wooden Hiking Poles

Traditional wooden hiking sticks, a great gift for the rambler and countryman. With a choice of chestnut, ash, hazel and blackthorn you are bound to find a stick you like. They are not just used for walking either! We have had lots of feedback about these sticks and what they are used for. Beaters for flushing out game at the head of the hunt, a stick to poke around for snakes in the long grass and the monopod to use on photography field trips.

Special wooden hiking poles to order

If you wanted something a bit more special than take a look at the handmade section. There you will find rare twisty shanks, twisty handles, some unusual woods such as birch and dogwood and extras such as hidden compartments for a dog whistle or other unusual toppers. Please also see the following link to view all walking sticks with shanks made from unusual woods: UNUSUAL WOOD WALKING STICKS

Bamboo is a perfect material for hiking poles

Lightweight and incredibly tough, bamboo makes for great walking sticks. Click on the following link to see the complete range of BAMBOO WALKING STICKS

Root ball walking stave

The rootball wooden poles are intersting lokking sticks. The sticks are "grown" upside down, with the root ball making the top, once it has been formed into a ball shape, sanded down and finished. See the whole range of root ball sticks.